Company Profile

The Special Kabel Marketing OHG (SKV) was founded in 1969 in Simmerath near Aachen.

Since them SKV hat been an established "watchword" in the area an abroad.On the 1st January 1999, Dipl.-Ing. Reshad Raquib tool over the company as the general manager. The wide range of products were continued to be produced successfully. Additionally, a good number of designs and production technologies of new cables and wires were developed and included in the manufacturing program according to the national and international expanded.

For some of these designs, SKV has got national patens right. Thus the spectrum of products has been considerably expanded. The main fields of application of SKV's products are high temperature-resistant thermo and differential wires and cables with high temperature constancy. They are normally used for trailing in the glass, metal and chemical industries as well as in the telecommunication, power supply network and prefabricated wires and connectors.

With the development of the market, SKV responds to the innovation of new technologies and offers complete solutions for systems which are made measure for individual technical requirements and wishes of the customers.

SKV's highly skilled and motivated sales and technical staff are ready to reach customer any time and guarantee just-in-time deliverers with its own logistic centre and fleet of vehicles. Quality, customers' satisfaction and reliability are the top priorities to SKV.

High degree of flexibility and efficient service are guaranteed by SKV.